Subscribe & Save

We are proud to offer a subscribe & save service which allows customers to automate their repeat orders and a save money for doing so.

How does it work?

The hint is in the name, you subscribe and you save for doing so but we will talk through each step below.

  1. On the product page select the subscribe and save option
  2. A drop down will appear for you to select a delivery interval, for example if you wish to receive the product every 8 weeks then select 8 weeks from the drop down and click buy it now. If you wish to subscribe to multiple products click add to basket and repeat the process.
  3. Complete the quick and easy checkout process as normal.
  4. Once you have placed the order you will receive two automated emails from us, one confirming your order and the other confirming your subscription. We recommend you flag your subscription email as this hold the link to access your subscription portal.
  5. From the subscription portal you will be able to make changes to your subscription such as changing the time interval between receiving orders, skipping an order, changing the delivery address and more.


I've lost my email with link to customer portal?

No problem, first try searching your inbox for 'Subscription confirmation' and if you are still unable to find it please contact us via our contact us form by clicking here. We will be able to make any changes to your subscription which you require and be able to send you another email with a link to your customer portal.

What changes can I make to my subscription?

From your customer portal you can make a variety of changes to your subscription such as adding & removing products, changing delivery time intervals, skip a shipment, change shipping address and update payment method.

What happens if a payment declines?

If when it comes to take a payment for your scheduled subscription and we are unable to collect the funds we will try again up to 3 times before cancelling the subscription and informing you of this via email. You can skip or cancel subscriptions via your customer portal.

Who are recharge?

Recharge is a well known provider who we have partnered with to be able to offer our subscribe & save service. They work with over 15,000 brands world wide and are leaders in this space. You can read more about recharge by clicking here.

For more general FAQ's relating to our products and services please click here.