Our story

Pike's Pouches was launched in the spring of 2019 with the purpose of offering high quality natural products in sustainable packaging, specifically in an alternative to plastic bottles.
The motivation

The motivation for launching this project was the realisation that to solve the problems we face with regards to our planet we must all make small behavioural changes in everyday life. There has been great innovations with product packaging in general but I did not find this to be the case with liquid baring packaging. After doing some research on sustainable packaging ideas I came across pouches used a refills for bottles rather than repurchasing bottles every time. I found this to be a great place to start and began planning my next move.

Starting out

We had the packaging now we just needed the products... With a goal of offering a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles to solve our pollution crisis it only made sense to go with something natural. As someone who can rarely buy skin care products off the shelf due to sensitive skin this is something I already had background knowledge on. I also have experience in the pet industry after working within it for 8 years so I put two and two together and arrived at natural pet care products for my first product range.

Something odd happened

Over the first 6 months of trading I started to notice a divergence between sales of the bottles and the refill pouches. I began to send some friendly emails out to customers who had never purchased the bottles to refill in the first place and found that many customers were dispensing into their own bottles and some directly from the pouch. I was shocked but at the same time it made total sense! The only reservation that customers had when using directly from the pouch was that the liquid evacuated too quickly which is a problem I knew I needed to try and fix going forward.

Designing our own unique pouch

After starting out with stock pouches and from the findings mentioned above I began to research and design what would be our flagship packaging going forward. The key problem that needed solved was a spout that was able to stem the flow of liquid for customers using directly from the pouch and the flexibility for customers using to refill bottles. After going for a nosey around a shopping centre I found many different options but concluded that a flip top cap with a small opening that was unscrew-able would be the best fit. 

Our new model

We ditched the bottles and focused on the pouches. We did however like the idea of refilling and this how we came up with our zero-waste programme whereby pouches can be returned to us to be sanitised and cleaned in order to be reused, more information about this programme can be found by clicking here

Where we are today

We as many did suffered major set backs due to the pandemic but our flagship pouches have arrived and we are rolling them out for existing products with new products on the way. Since our launch we have saved nearly half a ton of packaging from polluting the natural environment and we're just getting started...

(Page updated 16th Mar 2022)