Our story

In a nutshell

Pike's Pouches was launched in the spring of 2019 with the purpose of offering high quality natural products in a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. 

Why go to war with plastic bottles?

  • 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year. This is equivalent to dumping a garbage truck full of plastic into the ocean every minute!
  • There is now more plastic than fish in the ocean by weight.
  • Plastic bottles make up the majority of ocean plastic pollution.
  • A plastic bottle can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. That means that plastic bottles used today can still be floating around by the year 3000.
  • Plastic pollution kills an estimated 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals each year. Plastic bottles are a major culprit, as animals can mistake them for food or get entangled in them.
  • Only 9% of all plastic waste is recycled. The rest ends up in landfills, incinerators, or the environment.
  • Virtually no beauty/personal care bottles can be recycled. Sadly, due to residue virtually no beuaty/personal care bottles can be recycled and instead they are down-cycled into something like a traffic cone or fleece.

Why our pouches kick their... behinds!

  • 80% less plastic than standard plastic bottles when compared on equal capacity. 
  • Up to 9 times less natural resources used in manufacturing and transportation meaning a substantially lower carbon footprint.
  • Unlike plastic bottles, our pouch comes with a BPA-free aluminium lining to prevent plastic impurity contamination.
  • Due to their acute size and flexibility our pouches save space on your shelves or in your cupboards.
  • We proudly offer a Zero waste programme whereby we ask customers to collect pouches to return to us to then be reused or forwarded to a specialist recycling facility. For more info please click here

What about the products inside of the pouch?

  • We offer premium quality products and we never compromise quality for cost or dilute products down with cheap ingredients as so many others do.
  • We are committed to offering products purely of natural origin. This means nothing artificial or GMO's will be found in any of our products.

We go that one step further

  • As a brand we are certified by cruelty free international and the vegan society meaning our products have undergone rigorous scrutiny to ensure they have not been tested on animals or contain ingredients of animal original.
  • As proud members of 1% for the planet we pledge to donate 1% of each sale to grassroots environmental groups making a difference in their local communities.