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Pike's Pouches - 1% for the planet
As proud members of 1% for the planet we pledge 1% of annual sales to environmental non-profits. Below you will find a list of the charities we have donated to along with a small description of who they are and what they do. 
Keep Britain Tidy
"Keep Britain Tidy is an independent charity with three goals – to eliminate litter, end waste and improve places. This means more to us than just picking up litter. It means creating clean beaches, parks and streets. It means creating sustainable practices and eliminating unnecessary waste."
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The 2 minute foundation

"We are environmental activists, influencers, campaigners and changemakers who believe that simple acts can add up to make a big difference, that doing something positive is infinitely better than doing nothing, and that it is positivity, people and passion that will change our world for the better. Our aims are to see a world without plastic litter and pollution, to inspire and enable people to change the way they interact with outdoor spaces."

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City to sea

"We’re an environmental organisation, campaigning to stop plastic pollution at source. We work with communities, businesses, and everyday activists around the world to provide practical solutions to the plastic problem. We like to keep it simple and have fun on the way."

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Cullercoats collective CIC

"Cullercoats Collective CIC (Community Interest Company) is a not for profit company whose aim is to promote Cullercoats as a positive place to live, work and play. Our aim is for Cullercoats Collective to be self-sustainable and where all profits from our activities, apparel, kind donations or through grant funding go back into our local community."

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Sea the change

"Established in 2018 by two friends, Juliana and Alice; we built our friendship on the love of the area we live and our shared passion for the sea. Never before were we so aware of our impact on the environment and our overwhelming desire to fight for change - the need for Sea the Change was not only reasonable, but urgent."

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