All orders sent Royal Mail 1st class
All orders sent Royal Mail 1st class
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How it works


Once you are finished with the pouch please ensure that that you have evacuated all of its contents and then store until four pouches are collected. Please keep one of the cardboard envelopes the order arrives in to be reused when it comes to sending the used pouches back to us.

When you have collected four pouches, please inform us and we will provide you with a prepaid postage label and instructions on how to return them back to us. A printer is required. To contact us please use the contact us form which can be found by clicking here.

Once the pouches arrive back with us, they are washed and sanitised. If they arrive back in good condition the pouches are reused, if not they are forwarded to a specialist recycling facility. 

You can of course send the pouches back to us at your own expense anytime, we just require four to be sent with one return to cover the costs of postage etc.

Old style silver pouches are not reused and instead are sent to a specialist recycling facility. 

Product labels

Please retain product labels until you're finished with your pouch. Product labels are made of card and can be recycled using kerbside collection.

Aluminium tins

The aluminium tins used on our balm products can be recycled using your kerbside collection.