Free postage on orders over £20
Free postage on orders over £20
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how to recycle


once you have collected four pouches, please contact us and we will provide you with a prepaid postage label to return them back to us. when the pouches arrive back with us, they are washed and sanitised. if they arrive back in good condition the pouches are reused, if not they are forwarded to a specialist recycling facility. 

please ensure that the pouch is completely empty and we recommend you keep one of the cardboard envelopes your pouch arrives in and use this to repackage the used pouches. It is important that the thickness of the return pouch packaging does not exceed 25mm as Royal Mail will not accept the package. You can of course send the pouches back to us at your own expense. To apply for a prepaid postage label please contact us.

Non pouch products

Although the majority of our products are pouch based we are proud to offer a great range of products in other forms of sustainable packaging to further help tackle the pollution problems we face. For information on how to recycle these products please check the packaging or contact us direct.