why pike's pouches?

You might be thinking why should i switch from plastic bottles to pouches and why should I buy Pike's pouches? It goes without saying that plastic bottles present major pollution issues especially single use plastic bottles and trust me when i say not all pouches are created equally. We have strived to offer a credible alternative to plastic bottles which can be used directly from the spout. In the infographic below we highlight what we believe are key reasons to make the change from plastic bottles to our pouches and we elaborate even further below the image.


Flip top cap

Our new pouches comes with a flip top cap to help stem the flow of liquid meaning you have more control over amount of product you wish to dispense. This has been a favourite in the beauty industry for years and its easy to see why! The cap can also be unscrewed for those who're using the pouch as a refill for existing bottles. 

80% less plastic

Our pouches contain up to 80% less plastic when compared to rigid plastic bottles holding the same amount of liquid. This is because rigid plastic bottles have several layers of plastic to give them their density.

Less CO2 emissions 

As mentioned above pouches contain up to 80% less plastic when compared to rigid plastic bottles meaning they require less raw material and natural resources when manufacturing. Also due to their acute size, flexibility and weight our pouches require less natural resources in transportation compared to the same product packaged in a plastic or glass bottle.

Reuse or recycle 

We offer a zero-waste programme for our pouches whereby pouches are returned to us to be sanitised and cleaned in order to be reused meaning there is no good reason they should end us polluting the natural environment we strive to protect. For more information about this programme can be found by clicking here

Aluminium lined

Our pouches come with a thin aluminium lining. This is primarily to protect the contents of the pouch from being contaminated from the impurities of plastic which all products packaged in plastic bottles are susceptible too. It also offers greater light protection than glass, protecting the contents of the pouch from sunlight although we do still recommend our products are stored out of direct sunlight. 

Less product wastage

We've all had troubles getting that last stubborn bit of shampoo out from the bottom of the bottle but fear not, our pouches that can evacuate up to 99.5% of their contents without the hassle of turning the bottle upside down and hitting it with the palm of your hand. You can roll the pouch up from the bottom to ensure maximum evacuation similar to a tooth paste tube.