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Free postage on orders over £20
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why pouches?

There are many benefits of switching to pouches which we will highlight below.

Less plastic pollution

"The average household in the UK uses 480 plastic bottles each year, with only 270 being recycled meaning 44% are being sent to landfill or our ocean. Plastics from items such as carrier bags and bottles that end up in our oceans kill around 1 million sea creatures every year." Buy buying a one of our pouches you are eliminating one less potential bottle that goes to landfill or in our oceans. You can use them straight from the spout or for certain products you can refill one of your own bottles if you wish. Once you have collected enough pouches we send you a prepaid label to send them back to us to compile and forward to a specialist recycling company. 

Less C02 emissions

Pouches use up to 80% less plastic compared to rigid plastic bottles meaning they require less raw material and natural resources when manufacturing. Also due to the size, flexibility and weight of pouches they require less natural resources in transportation compared to the same product packaged in a plastic or glass bottle.

More cost effective

Pouches cost less to purchase compared to traditional liquid packaging containers such as plastic bottles and at Pike's Pouches we pass that saving onto our customers. Don't pay extra purely for packaging, switch to pouches and make a saving.

Less product wastage

We've all had troubles getting that last bit of product out the bottom of a bottle, with pouches you can evacuate up to 99.5% of product saving you the hassle of turning the bottle upside down and hitting it with the palm of your hand.

We recycle for you

Sadly pouches are not yet recyclable through normal channels however we have an arrangement with a specialist recycling company who are able to do exactly that. All that we ask is you collect our pouches until you are able to reach the threshold to enable us to send you a prepaid label to send the pouches back to us. For more information on our pouch recycling program please click here