Why Pike's Pouches?

Our values

High quality
Sadly, quality is often compromised for cost... Pike's Pouches will never make this compromise. Instead we will offer products of the highest quality without diluting them down with cheap ingredients.
We believe in harnessing the power of mother earth and everything she has to offer when it comes to fulfilling our everyday needs. This is why we are committed to offering products purely of natural origin.
In a world of unimaginable pollution, increasing emissions and diminishing natural resources we have put sustainability at the core of our ethos. This is why our packaging uses 80% less plastic than standard plastic bottles and can use up to 9 time less natural resources in manufacturing and transportation.
Giving back
Through our membership of 1% for the planet we are able to give back and support non-profits around the world by donating 1% of annual sales to environmental causes.

Our pouches

80% less plastic
Our pouches contain up to 80% less plastic when compared to rigid plastic bottles holding the same amount of liquid. This is because rigid plastic bottles have several layers of plastic which give them their unnecessary density.
Less CO2 emissions 
As mentioned above pouches contain up to 80% less plastic when compared to rigid plastic bottles meaning they require less raw material and natural resources when manufacturing. Also due to their acute size, flexibility and weight our pouches require less natural resources in transportation compared to the same product packaged in a plastic or glass bottle.
Zero waste programme
We offer a zero-waste programme for our pouches whereby pouches are returned to us to be washed and sanitised in order to be reused or recycled meaning there is no good reason they should end us polluting the natural environment we strive to protect. For more information about this programme can be found by clicking here
Aluminium lined
Our pouches come with a thin aluminium lining. This is primarily to protect the contents of the pouch from being contaminated by the impurities of plastic which all products packaged in plastic bottles are susceptible too. It also offers greater light protection than glass, protecting the contents of the pouch from harmful UV rays although we do still recommend our products are stored out of direct sunlight.  
Flip top cap
Our pouches come with a removable flip top cap with the choice of a 3mm opening for using direct from pouch and a 16mm opening for using as a refill. Which ever way you chose to use our pouch we always recommend to pour slowly with great care to avoid spillage